Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Yesterday was abit emotional, you see my good friend Scarlet and my best friend Charlie wanted to go walk the Dogs and have a talk, so we did. it was alright although the dogs hated eachother. Anyway.. see scarlets going out with someone who in my opinion is a bit of a cunt, from what ive heard, she tells me that he is arguing with her, not letting her see her friends and generally hinting that he wants her to dump him, however you see Charlie knowing this is starting to get emotional, because he before scarlet went out with dan thought he had a chance with her(hes liked her alot for a very long time) so yeah, everyone nearly started crying and shit kicked off. But i couldnt helpbut think what if her boyfriend really isnt that bad like what if shes just exaggerating, somthing ive gotten used to hanging around Charlie. ive never actually seen any of the texts she is showing, i guess i should trust her, but im not a very trusting person, i only trust one person and thats Charlie. Fuck this sounds like some girls diary -.- ...Fuck it!

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  1. It really sounds like one =D Just don't give a damn...